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    "It is true that the potential for conflict exists between closely related European and Asian nations even when Islam is not present. What does that mean? Ironically, it means that Hylland Eriksen, perhaps the country’s most prominent Multicultural ideologue, and the Centre against Racism have themselves smashed the foundations of their own ideology, apparently without realizing it. World history shows, unfortunately, that ethnic diversity strongly increases the risk of serious conflicts."If I was a arguing the multiculturalist position, I wouldn't know what to say to that.

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    Speaking of Dhimmi Jimmy, I just recognized him for a new feature on my blog: “WTF was he thinking?”Not for Palestine, but for something different. However, it just shows how ignorant he is. I think he could be a weekly winner for his backlog, and that’s if he just shut up now.But yeah, he’s taken ignorance to a whole new level.

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    Thanks Holly for the welcome. And yes the validation that you are not ALWAYS the odd one out,not the different one, not feeling so alone with all of this, is really helpful. Though I tend to have the backlash of “you are just making all of this up and all these other people will be able to see that”.Thanks Blue collage and Dana for what you shared about your parts not having names necessarily.

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    Five months ago, Arianna Huffington (and, one presumes, her bags of money) lured Maura Egan away from The New York Times. Now, as WWD Egan is leaving her gig as deputy culture, and lifestyle editor of the Huffington Post/AOL behemoth. She doesn’t have any immediate plans, other than going to the beach. There are two ways to look […]

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